Saturday, October 8, 2011

Boston Fashion Week ‘11

I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of BFW’11 representing YBI (Your Beauty Industry).  I have a new understanding and respect for all the work that really goes on behind the scenes!  The shows I worked on include: The Launch, Prajje, Victoria Dominguez Bagu, Marie Galvin, and Daniel Faucher.  I didn't get to make many pictures myself but luckily there were tons of photographers there and all the photos came out amazing!

                     Cleaning my brushes between models                  Ann and I working on the 1st look

Backstage in the tent was such a rush, everything is calm until the first walk onto the runway.  I never realized how crazy things get when you have to change looks between walks!! Sunday night’s show for The Launch had the first look being a black lip which had to be changed to a bright red and there was about 30 seconds for the switch! That was the absolutely the biggest challenge of the night, as we are making final touches as the girls are being rushed to the runway.

The next challenge of the night was changing the look from the first show to the second.  The first show had a silver smoky eye with a thick blue liner on the bottom, and the second had no shadow with a thick 50’s style winged liner.  Getting that blue liner off was extremely difficult! That stuff did NOT want to come off!  With a lot of patience and careful scrubbing, most of it came off and what was left behind was covered with concealer.  Shout out to Christina Mirabella for her help and tips!

Below is michelle, who was the first model I did for the Victoria Dominguez Bagu Collection along with the other two models I worked on.  For the eyes I used Yabi shadows bought from the IMATS, and for face MAC face and body foundations.

The Launch featured new young designers such as Candice Wu whos designs are shown below.  She was my absolute favorite!!!

Daniel Faucher was another favorite, his dresses are so elegant and have such an attention to detail.  All the models were such a dream to work with, so sweet and professional.  For the liner i used my favorite, Buxom gel liner in leatherette.

Being involved in Fashion Week was so much fun, I loved seeing so many creative and talented people.  Hopefully next year will be even bigger!!
Xxoo Michelle


  1. The make up came out so good! You did a great job!! What product did you use to take off that blue liner?

  2. Thanks Savannah!!! :) my favorite makeup remover is by maybelline!

  3. Congrats and looks like fun.

  4. the make up looks amazing! congrats on gettin the chance to be there! i wish one day i will get to be in a BIG time fashion show

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